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Specialist Car Detailing Services in Kent

Detail Valeting provides various  specialist car detailing services. Car detailing is an increasingly popular method of protecting and enhancing the interior and exterior of your car. It requires specialist  waxes and finishes as well as a great deal of experience to ensure a finish that will exceed the one your car had when it left the showroom (if anyone offers you a “factory finish” then try asking you local car dealer to see a car straight from the factory and you’ll realise showroom finish is best, and our is even better!)

We offer tailored car and auto detailing services throughout Kent to suit your needs and budget, covering all makes and marques. We use a range of specialist cleaning products, including citrus degreasers, ph neutral shampoos, and superior car waxes with high carnauba content to ensure your car has the detail it deserves.

If you would like to know more about our car detailing services in Canterbury and East Kent, then

please contact us.

Car Detailing Process

Cleaning and detailing Car wheels

Dirt and grease from roads are amongst the most corrosive things that can permanently damage your wheels and bodywork. We ensure this and other harsh material such as brake dust are fully removed using a selection of specialist car detailing products. The wheels are then detailed with a specialist acrylic wax. This will provide a superior, resistant and lasting finish.

Cleaning and detailing Car Bodywork

Your car will first be steamed off with warm water to remove the excess of dirt, grime and grease that builds up even in everyday car use. The car bodywork is then covered with a ph neutral shampoo, and carefully cleaned to remove all remaining dirt and grease using a specialist car detailing wash mitten which removes dirt whilst protecting your car’s paintwork.  

We ensure all areas of your car are cleaned and valeted, including the bodywork in the engine bay, the boot seals and the door jams. Your car will then be thoroughly rinsed, and then dried using a specialist car detailing micro-fibre towel, again to ensure maximum protection of your car’s paintwork.

Cleaning  and detailing Car Interior

The interior of your car will be thoroughly and expertly cleaned. We will brush, vacuum and de-lint all fabric surfaces.  Any interior areas requiring specialist stain removal treatment will be cleaned as required. Interior car fabric is then treated with specialist auto detailing fabric protection to provide lasting stain and dirt protection. We provide specialist detailing for all types of internal car fabric, including leather, for which we use specialist car leather cleaners and conditioners. We aim to ensure that your interior car fabric is restored to its showroom finish.

All other surfaces inside the car will also be thoroughly cleaned and treated, including all plastic and vinyl, to deliver once again a showroom level of finish. All internal mats will be thoroughly cleaned, and as importantly dried. The internal and external windows and mirrors will be cleaned and polished with specialist car detailing window polishes.

Cleaning and Detailing the Car Engine Bay

The engine bay will be cleaned using a specialist car detailing citrus degreaser. Any plastic surfaces will be cleaned and treated as required. This will once again ensure a showroom finish to your car’s engine.

Detailing of Car Bodywork

To ensure that all the bonded contaminents that adhere to your car’s bodywork are removed specialist car detailing claybars are used to remove them.  We also use further treatments to remove microscopic levels of  dirt from your car bodywork, including specialist car detailing paint cleaner pads.  We can provide paint correction services at this stage of the process if required.

We now have the perfect surface to apply the waxes and polishes.

We use a variety of waxes from some of the best known (and some less well known!) car wax manufacturers. We have experience with them all and will choose the right wax for you and your car’s needs. A variety of specialist car detailing waxes are used. These specialist car waxes will be lovingly applied to your car’s paintwork to nourish, seal , protect and shine the bodywork to perfection.

This is a summary of Detail Valeting’s specialist car detailing service. If you would like any more information or would like a quote for your vehicle, please contact us.

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